Excess sperm production

Sep 10, - The male body has two basic mechanisms to handle excess semen. The first is the drip Other men though produce amounts of semen that exceeds the drip release. Perhaps, not all the time, but a man may find himself aroused, which then increases the production of semen. In this case, your body. What happens to sperm that isn't ejaculated? | Science Questions | Naked Scientists Lyen. Age: 29. *clean Share This Page Tweet. If semen retention gives you pelvic and testicular congestion pain it is an indication that your semen and sperm production are still very active. The inflammatory discomfort is a result of an accumulation of semen and sperm inside the seminal vesicles and testicles. The retained semen can increase the central dopamine. Julianna. Age: 27. xxxxx from kiki I Met A Man With Too Much Sperm As a man, you have an evolutionary advantage over women: You're constantly maturing new sperm every day until the end of your days, whereas women are born with a finite number of eggs. "So, sperm production, unlike the female egg, is more likely to be improved by changing lifestyle habits," says Armando. Explanation of male anatomy with regards to semen and sperm production and storage, and how anatomy may affect wet dreams. . The bottom line is doctors and scientists are not sure exactly how the male body regulates production of semen and the reabsorption of excess semen, and how it stores it.

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Lada. Age: 23. Feel free to contact me ! See you xxx May 13, - Is this not “priapism”? This is the one that makes you hard at all times. Not that I would know anything about that. It is different from producing excess sperm though. This one is on a whole 'nother level. From what you wrote, it seems like the man has both. It might sound funny, but is not a laughing matter. Excess semen is released through two means. As the body goes through cycles of arousal, drops of semen pass down into the urethra where they are flushed out the next time you urinate. Many man produce semen faster than this method can remove and so they experience wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. Essentially. Nov 25, - Sperm is constantly produced by the testicles. There are certain factors that can reduce your sperm count such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, too much heating up of the testicles, or lack of nutrients such as zinc. Although these conditions may limit sperm production, these rarely lead to a total.


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