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Glory hole may refer to: Technology[edit]. Glory hole (glassblowing), the second furnace in glassblowing used for reheating; Glory hole (mining), surface depression produced by block caving in underground mining; Glory hole (petroleum production), a type of underwater excavation; Glory hole (spillway), a design of an. Glory hole dictionary definition | glory hole defined Vanilla. Age: 21. I'm a in my late 30s, brunette, size 12, black hair and green eyes with a 36ff natural bust Hunter, Sexualities , List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck". glory hole (plural glory holes). (mining) A hole in a mineshaft where an orebody is mined upwards until it breaks through the surface into the open air. (slang, sexual) A hole in a screen or wall big enough to allow an erect penis to be stuck through, made to facilitate anonymous sex with another person. Glory holes are often. Laurie. Age: 26. AVAILABILITY glory hole The popularity of glory holes is due in part to the anonymous sex that these architectural elements allow. This post-structuralist theoretical reflection seeks to understand the specific nature of anonymous public sex among bathhouse patrons, focusing on the links between desire-architecture-place-sexual practices. Drawing. noun. A place, such as a cupboard, for storing odds and ends. The opening of a furnace used in glassblowing. A vertical mine shaft or pit used for mining ore. Vulgar Slang A hole in a wall, especially in a bathroom stall or a booth, used for engaging in anonymous sexual activity. Origin of glory hole. Originally untidy storage.

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Hollie. Age: 29. Hi, my name is roxy. Located in vilnius, please contact me if you wish to have some pleasent moments. Definition: A Glory Hole is the slang name for hole located in a partition in which one's penis is inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio. The most common place to find Glory Holes are in Adult Book Stores that have video arcades. Glory Hole Etiquette The. In response to the popularity of glory hole sex, as well as the perceived 'riskiness' of this behavior, our theoretical reflection seeks to further understand the links between desire- architectureplace- sexual practices among the subpopulation of glory hole users. Our analysis of glory hole use focuses on gay bathhouses and. Chapter IO Widening the Glory Hole: The Discourse of Online Porn Fandom Simon Lindgren If one does not count the large number of lackluster "effects" or attitude surveys that have been carried out over the The main focus of the site is to provide links to free pornographic content in the form of picture and video galleries.


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