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Aug 21, - I dont shave my legs but I dont see problem with is like shaving dick, bitches will love it, if compared to people who dont shave LUL but somehow some idiots will be "mimimi look at him he shave his dick LULULULUL" so to me the gay thing is worrying about other men stuff LUL, you can make fun and bully. Why are half of men shaving their legs? I reached for the razor to find out Kelsey. Age: 20. Helooooo! You're pathetic and funny to me. Erm - no thanks. Why would it be not okay for a straight (or any man) man to shave his legs? It is a personal If you feel the need to shave your legs than you should do it. My brothers friends need to shave. With skirts becoming more popular for men they will look better shaved if they need to also looks better with the wearing of shorts. Carol. Age: 24. Genuine English Rose with adorable accent- I'm here in the States for a good time not a long time! Girls thoughts on a guy shaving his legs? I've only known one guy who shaved his legs -- he had very hairy legs and loved to bike, so he tried shaving and found that his leg hair didn't get caught in the whatsit of the bike as often. Pit shaving (or at least trimming) is pretty common among guys now, especially in the summer. No one actively *wants* to look like a. Ok so I've seen body builders shave their chest etc and in some cases their legs too. The question that I wanted to ask is, "is it okay for a guy to shave his legs?" - like seriously, I'm not sure exactly what ladies think of it.I've got muscular legs but I don't really want to shave my legs and have it be a complete.

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Regina. Age: 30. Hello! I am happy you came to see me Sep 19, - Granted, this is the Daily Mail — however, the topic of male leg-shaving has inspired Reddit threads, Buzzfeed articles, and (of course) several Yahoo! In closing, one time this very photogenic alt girl in high school told me that her boyfriend shaved his legs before prom and having sex with him afterwards.


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