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Sperm cells don't really need help to swim to their goal, but it is often advised that the woman lie on her back after intercourse, ideally with her legs up. This is supposed to keep the ejaculate inside her for a longer time, so that a maximum number of sperm cells get the chance to reach the egg. The idea is to let gravity work. How to have sex to get pregnant | Get pregnant naturally Cathy. Age: 25. Our time together will be an individual experience on a chemistry of the mind, heart and body. The mighty pig, however, shoots out nearly eight billion little piggy wrigglers with every foul porcine orgasm. By definition, sperm competition can occur only if conception can occur. Ejaculates of different men placed inside a woman in her luteal menstrual cycle phase, even if the sperm lives inside her for up to 3 weeks, will not compete, because she has virtually zero probability of conception. The luteal phase begins with. Megan. Age: 30. I always hungry for new pleasures . . . Can u help me satisfy my appetite . . . ? I can assure your secrets, will always remain discrete and confidential ! How to have sex to get pregnant As a result, the only subconscious strategy open to him is to try to maintain a continuous sperm presence in his partner. Hence the advantage of routine sex to him as well as to her. If a man manages to routinely inseminate his partner about every two or three days, he should always have fertile sperm inside her – in which. Dec 8, - No worries about pregnancy takes a lot of stress out of it! And bareback sex just rocks. As for where I finish up, usually it's best to not have to break rhythm and just cum inside her, yep. However I've been asked on occasion to pull out and put it elsewhere, and I haven't been hating. — PaleBlueHammer.

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Rio. Age: 24. With me, you are in the right lady, when it comes to sensitive moments together After a few cell divisions in the petri dish, fertilized ova, now termed embryos, are then put inside a woman's uterus in hopes that at least one will implant itself in her uterus. In this case a woman becomes pregnant not only without having had sexual intercourse but also without having had sperm inside her body prior to. May 21, - On average, sperm live about hours once inside the human vagina. If the host female's acidic balance is propitious, sperm can live up to five days inside her womb before perishing. In contrast, bat sperm can live up to days, which should make every bat who's reading this feel incredibly macho. But I can speak as a woman that has experienced many men ejaculating inside of her, within a condom. With some penises, their shafts will be pulsating and contracting strongly during ejaculation, which will probably be noticeable to the woman much more than the relatively tiny stream of sperm, especially in the vagina.


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