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Mar 23, - Nintendo stopped shipping DS Phats with it after awhile in North America, and did not include a thumb stylus at all for DS lite. The DS lite released in Japan, however, still included a thumb stylus (I remember this because it was white, and I kinda wanted one.) Then it was "separate purchase" with DSi and  Revisiting Metroid Prime Hunters. Hardware Review: Thylus (DS thumb stylus) « Cracked Rabbit Gaming Simone. Age: 27. I get alone with everyone and love laugh and gifts I know its very unlikely but they should update to work with the circle pad for duel analog. Share your thoughts with other customers. Once upon a time, this came with my original DS back in pliage-serviette-papier.info That thumb strap was so good for so many games, especially shooters. But now I lost mine and I was looking to buy another, or something similar. Isolde. Age: 18. Looking for Young Fresh Escort Girls? Warranty & Support The Thylus is an input device designed specifically for the thumb which allows one-handed use of all touch. Just a short video to demonstrate the DS's strengths as an FPS platform thanks to the brilliant thumb stylus.

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Stephanie. Age: 23. 100% real pictures, NO bait & switch here gentlemen It is a lot better than the "thumb strap". The thumb strap is attached to the right side of the Nintendo DS but I have to reach it all the way around the left and Inbetween the joint of the DS. the way that the Thumb Strap sits in the middle of my thumb means that I really have to strech my thumb across the screen to get to the right. Product description. Comfortably play Nintendo DS™ with this full size character stylus featuring one of Nintendo's beloved game charactersCharacters and colors vary and shipped randomlyIncludes matching wrist strap. Apr 26, - See “Games Tested On” section below. Strapless. The DS thumb stylus has a strap connecting it to the DS. It just isn't long enough to be comfortable, and makes it really awkward for me. No problem here. Has a point, allowing greater precision. The standard DS thumb stylus is just too flat for certain games.


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